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Thread: [guide] install bigger than 100kb boot images

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    Default [guide] install bigger than 100kb boot images
    i dont know if this has been shared yet, but whatever.
    this is a simple guide that i literally just now thought of, tested and proved works (version- rs 0.9.5b5-5, phone- 3g, sizes- ~150kb images). pretty much everyone who uses redsn0w to change boot images among other things loathes at one time or another the 100kb limit. it forces you to use a different compression method usually resulting in a crap picture or using another image, which usually is a hassle in itself. as i said before, this is an EXTREMELY simple method to bypass the limit.

    step 0) place the pictures you want to flash in your working directory (wherever your planning on having them when you upload them with redsn0w, such as your desktop). name them 'bootf.png' and 'recf.png' to simplify the process (yes, add the f's to the end). make sure theyre true png files too, not renamed jpgs or anything, redsn0w will actually check the headers and only allow those with true png signatures.

    step 1) make 2 other png pictures that are under 100kb. they can be just 320x480 completely black images or anything you want. just use ms paint or comparable program, it doesnt really matter since theyre just placeholders and youll be deleting them. the only 2 prerequisites are that they are under 100kb and 320x480. name them 'boot.png' and 'rec.png' (no f's). yes you need 2 different ones.

    step 2) fire up redsn0w and pick your options. when you pick the boot and recovery images, pick boot.png and rec.png. it should have a check mark with no problem.

    step 3) delete the 'boot.png' and 'rec.png' files from your working directory. then remove the f's from the actual pictures you want to install, so theyre the same names as the placeholder pictures you deleted.

    step 4) run though the redsn0wing process and wait for it to reboot and your picture should be there!

    EDIT- for iphone 4's you should just be able to make the image 960x640 instead of 320x480. i dont have an iphone 4 to test this and i dont remember if redsn0w works on iphone 4's but if it does, there you go.

    EDIT 2- thanks for the thankses guys! (is that a word?)
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    Nice one man, I hope they raise the cap for greenpoison, no way am I using a low res boot image on my i4!

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    Seems like a great guide, thanks man. Like MaxxyBoii2K10 said, I'll be wanting HD pics for that retina display!

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    big thanks to yomommah!
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    my mommah ain't even got a apple product, I wonder how she knew this...

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