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Thread: iphone 4 call recording app?

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    Default iphone 4 call recording app?
    Is there such a thing. I have googled but all the thread just end up with be careful this might not be legal in certain states. people questioning why u want.

    neither of those questions are anyone elses problem. so in advance pls do not come in with those responses. So anyone know of any. not one where i have to make a phone call through an app. I want to be able press the main button and jus go and turn it on after i have received or made a call

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    I had to look for one recently and there are a few in the app store, search "call recording" or something similar. For the conspiracists out there, there are many good reasons to record calls. I want to use it when conducting interviews for web articles I write. It's a record and sometimes a record is needed.

    Problem with the app store apps is they seem to require the involvement of a third party thus potentially compromising security and also require fees.

    Good luck, and if you find a good one, please share.

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    if we have apps that spy on phones ie thier texts, calls, email, etc, why can't a simple recoring app be created? this is crazy that with all we CAN do with the iphone we still can't record our own calls on our own phone! I'm just sayin...

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    when I was in the pocket pc world using M$ OS, I would record my calls. I would also let the other party know the call was being recorded ahead of time.

    most of recording that I done was for radio phone interviews, or simply as directions to someone's house, business, - even simple as what my wife needed at the grocery store so I wouldn't bring home the wrong bread..

    so if the pocket pc world has a recording app, I am sure there is one out there for the iphone.

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