<<Mobile.EQUIPMENT:: iPhone 4, FIRMWARE:: 4.01>>
<<Cpu.EQUIPMENT:: MACbookPRO, OS:: Snow.LEOPARD 10.6.2>>

I'm quite distressed, my Settings.app began crashing- Upon attempting to open, the window starts to open and disappears again. It appears in the multitasking list on the bottom as if it's open, but yet it is nowhere to be found. It's not 'POOF'd', and it's not possible to open it in Terminal. It's gone, now- The entire icon. It's a cold mobile world without Settings.app, can't change my ringtones, no enabling MyTether, I can't even lock my phone from my girlfriend cuz the settings to enable a passcode are in the Settings.app!!!! Short of hiring an iPhone App bounty hunter, I'm at a total stump in the log. I know I can prob sync, restore as a new iphone, then restore as my last synced profile, but that takes hours. ANY IDEAS, before I call D.O.G. The Bounty Hunter?

thx in advance, (cuz y'all are super smart, and HAVE to know a quicker, better way!!)