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Thread: Problems with SBrotator need help!

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    Default Problems with SBrotator need help!
    Apparently this is not the first problematic story regarding SB rotator. Just like the other post "sbrotator has many problems with IOS4" member mpvds said his screen does not go into landscape after removing sbrotator as well as left with a greyed out circle arrow and lock symbol. I too am having the same symptoms and cannot landscape view fr the symbol that is left on the upper status bar of the circle arrow and lock symbol signifies the screen is locked although the program is removed, I need my functional landscape view WITHOUT Sbrotator and was hoping someone can chime in with some info. I do not want to resort to restoring again at 4.0.1, that BS is tedious as he'll and time consuming. If someone could suggest an alternative route without a restore, it will benefit everyone. C'mon gurus, hook it up!

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    Check to make sure the iOS 4 rotation lock isn't on. I know it seems kinda obvious but worth a shot right?

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    The lock is on. After deleting sbrotator the lock is still there and my views stay in portrait! I've re-installed sbrotator to see if that'll work but to no avail. I currently still have sbrotator installed but I want to COMPLETELY get rid of it. Ios4^ users should steer clear if this program until fixed. Anyone know how to contact the developer?

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    Hi everyone, hi normanyo!

    I had the exact same problem a few seconds ago: there was still a circled arrow-around-lock logo in the status bar and landscape mode wasn't possible although I uninstalled "Sbrotator" beforehand. Then I remembered that I had as well tried out the "rotation inhibitor" (toggle for sbsettings) by BigBoss before I installed "Sbrotator". But i deleted that one as well.
    So I reinstalled "rotation inhibitor" and respringed, went to look in sbsettings and rotation was disabled, so I enabled it again. I uninstalled it one more time and respringed. And oh wonder....

    The status bar icon was gone and landscape mode was back in the house!!!

    Maybe this helps to some of you... (even if you never installed "rotation inhibitor", have a try at least before restoring)


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    Ismay7. you're the s#i7!!!!! This helped out and worked exactly as you've posted. Stupid lock symbol and arrow is gone! Good riddance! I appreciate your advice and now I can go back to note taking in class with my bluetooth keyboard in landscape. This SBrotator has caused more woes than upgrade happiness. This is one of the reasons why us JB'ers stick together. Good form Ismay. STAY AWAY FROM SBROTATOR on IOS4 unless there is a software upgrade that fixes this debacle. JB ftw! =o)

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