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Thread: Idea/Concept for iPhone 3gs like camera for iphone 3g

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    Default Idea/Concept for iPhone 3gs like camera for iphone 3g
    I know this may be impossible but I decided to post it anyways. Is there a way to fuse the camera app, or an app like cmaera+ with a video camera app like icamcorder, to make a 3gs camera concept app? For example you open one app and it will show the camera switch toggle, only you tap it or whatever is probable to switch to the other app. It could function with multitasking I think. Either way it would be like a folder that contains both apps. To elaborite more (hopefully)... an old app for jailbroken users called ategories allowed you to make a "folder" and place apps in it. You could change the background in specified folders if you wanted and such. So maybe something like that,
    1) Open folder
    2) Select camera mode, by tapping an icon, etc
    To choose another setting you could go back somehow, or tap the opposite icon within the "folder" or app.
    Even less possible is to tie the two pacakges somehow, throgh winterboard, or system files in both apps or whatever.

    I can provide extra detail if you'd like.Preferably the original camera app and icamcorder app would be chosen, as icamcorder looks alot like 3gs camera as is. Also if I choose to resume my modding duties, of which I never displayed I will offer any and all help. Allthough I'd prefer if some1 else could do this as I am VERY busy.

    Again this is a very messy text box, lots of scrambled ideas so I will give more detail if asked. I have attachecd 2 files, that arent so important, but if you must know why I'll tell u if you ask.
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    The images show the camera "switcher" which the 3gs has. Lets say you are in the camera app, you could press the boxed icon in image 2 to switch to the other app, maybe like multiasking (it'll pop up, in place, like a shortcut to the other app, and vise-versa). However the little goggle at the bottom will be on the same side as the app, like the 3gs (i.e. Left when on camera, right when on video camera). So... trying to shorten this...

    1) Open folder containing both apps
    2) Select mode in folder, by checking icon for camera or video camera
    3a) To switch apps while using one other app, tap the icon which is the oppite mode you are using
    3b) Somehow return to the "main menu" of the "folder", to reselect camera mode.

    I'll post really crap pictures of what I mean, if I can to firther detail.

    Basically it shows the "main"menu" of the "folder", following two options for camera mode.

    Image below, in other post.
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    Here is the pic
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