i'm trying to mess around with ideas for custom icons, to build my own custom set, but i havent been able to find any guides on HOW to do it. usually, i figure it out by seeing what other people did, the actual pixel sizes of what they used and then i understand. i messed around with this sort of stuff with my first iphone a couple of years ago and back then, if you went into the file system of the phone, you could download a theme that someone else had made, see everything, and then just simply replace their files with the ones that you created and it would work.

when i try to download any themes now, they are all .theme files, not just regular folders like they used to be. when i try to download any individual files, they are png files which used to open normally in photoshop for me, now they wont. when i double click them, they open in text editor and it shows me nothing, no text, no image, nothing.

is there a specific program or something that is able to open these theme files? i tried using a conversion program to convert the png files to be usable but it did the same thing that i'm already experiencing.

any help would be amazing.