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Thread: Crossfading

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    Default Crossfading, an Mod
    Hey guys, it dawned to me today while listening to my iTunes music library that iOS devices do not have the capability to crossfade... After searching the forum i have not found anyone who has posted an app tweak or any sort of inquiry about crossfading. So does anyone know something i do not? And if it has not been done, how hard would it be to make a tweak for the to have the crossfading option?

    (Related Question: Did pwnplayer have a Crossfade option? i never used it so i'm not sure, if it did is it iOS4 compatible?)

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    I'm also in search for any kind of app that can let you play anything from your music library and allow you to crossfade in between songs... i've searched and searched and nothing... not on the App Store... and seems like nothing for JB either :/ would be nice if iRemix would include the crossfade option.. .is it that hard to implement?
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    I was certain my iPhone 4 could crossfade prior to jailbreak. Now it seems that instead of crossfading, songs just stop in the last 3-4 secs and the next song begins. This happens in iTunes and in moodagent. Don't have any jb music players like mewseek since most stuff doesn't work in ip4 yet

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    Default Crossfade iPhone4 / iOS4 with Media Mix app
    Media Mix app crossfades between songs in playlist and between playlists. Had to re-install 3 times before it finally worked, but now certainly worth the small $.

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