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Thread: Changing Battery color on iP4...

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    Question Changing Battery color on iP4...
    Okay, so I tried a few things...I downloaded some themes in Cydia, those didn't work. So, I went in myself with CyberDuck and decided to delete the originals and install the blue ones from the theme(BatteryBG1-17). However, I respring, and somehow the green one comes back. do I need to delete the x2 ones as well? I'm just curious how it could not work if you are editing straight from the filesystem itself and not winterboard.

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    the @2x ones are the files you will need. The image is twice the size. I doubled the ones I had in a theme, and I have my coke battery back.

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    So I have to double the size of the pictures? I assume things might get blurry...

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    I am having the same problem, exept that you guys are a little farther ahead of me.

    I am using iPhone Browser, and can see the battery theme I am looking for in the library\Themes\ folder. Where do I need to put them in order to make them work?

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    [email protected] is the file you need to replace or modify.

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    So is it a limitation of iPhoneBrowser that I can't see that folder. I can only get to System\Library

    Is there a better file browser that I can use, or am I still missing something?

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    If you are using a winterboard theme delete the file from the theme (in library themes) and replace it with this one. You will naturally have to have the theme installed first.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -batterybg_17-2x.png  

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twistted View Post
    So is it a limitation of iPhoneBrowser that I can't see that folder. I can only get to SystemLibrary

    Is there a better file browser that I can use, or am I still missing something?
    You have winterboard installed? I use iPhone explorer and you need to have afc2add installed on the phone too.

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    I didn't have afc2add installed, and now I can see the files, but how do you copy them off the phone, or copy them to the phone?

    Something that you have to do on the phone itself?

    Sorry for being such a newb :P

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    Drag and drop

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    Didn't realize that you can't drag and drop from one folder on the phone to another.

    Is there something new in 4.0 that doesn't let the themes work straight from Winterboard?

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    Yes the file names have changed.. all the iphone 4 files have @2x added to them. The old files for the 3gs are too low res and look like crap.

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    I got it figured out, actually you have to edit all 17 of them, and actually, if you take the original and double the res, and rename it with the @2x at the end, it works perfectly. I have ported the True Blue battery to iPhone someone help me package it for Cydia so I can publish? I've got it zipped, but how do you make it so 1)cydia knows to put it under Batteries, 2)your phone(or cydia) knows where to install it to, and 3) that Winterboard puts the things in the right places? Help!

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    O you did all of them.. I just change 14-17 to blue.

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    I changed all but the red ones, which are the first few. Now i just need to figure out how to package for Cydia...

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    Thanks for the link--I saw that part...I should clarify. What I mean is package for Cydia so that for one, they know what section to put it in...for two, that Cydia installs it in the right spot, and three, that Winterboard knows what to do with it. No idea how to do that, really. Anyone have help with that though, and I'll have this thing posted to Cydia asap so you can start using it.

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    I'm using diskaid and trying to put the I4 hd blue fire battery on my I4 and can't seem to get it to work. I have it checked in winterboard and replaced [email protected]
    with the file with the same name that was in the blue fire one I downloaded. What am I doing wrong? I've done themes and sbsetting themes with diskaid just fine but I'm no pro. Any help would be awesome. I hate looking at the stock battery. Must mod it !!!!

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    You have to replace every single PNG from that battery. 1-17. If you send me the zip, I'll Package and submit to cydia and make things easy.

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