Hello! I was on macthemes forums and I found a lock screen clock for the picnic theme. I followed the instructions to make the current clock invisible which worked but now i cannot locate the clock.jss file to put the new images in.

If anyone could help me out thatd be great! THX!

Here are the instructions ive been following;

You have to replace your Lockclock.ttf by this one (which is invisible) : http://odisseus80.free.fr/Picnic/LockClock.zip (copy it in : System/Library/Fonts/Cache/)

to change the clock to 24h, open the clock.jss i think and if you read it it says delete the */ things to enable the 24h settings, and insert the */ things to disable the 12h clock bits, im duing that off memory as i now just use the analogue clock but yeh, something like that.