I was attempting to fix the black shadows that appear when I select a custom icon so I ssh'd into my 3gs and found a few files.

I deleted two files named WallPaperIconShadow.png or something like that but after deleting those it removed the shadow but there was still a square shadow whenever I selected an icon which was annoying so I ssh back into the phone(system/library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app) and found another file named Icon???Overlay.png so i deleted it. It removed the shadow but it also removed the overlay on the custom icons so when I try to click on an icon it doesn't darken like usual or anything so I have no clue if I am clicking the right icon or not. (kinda confusing I know).

So basically my question is.. Is it possible to recover this file after I deleted it from iFile? Also, it might just be easier if someone could just give me a copy of the file.. it's in /CoreServices/SpringBoard.app and its called Icon????Overlay.png (there is another word in between but I don't remember what it is). The file is basically a black transparent square that acts as a shadow around the stock icons but I have custom round icons so it looks goofy.

P.S. I just jailbroke to 4.0 last night so I don't want to restore because I wouldn't be able to re-jailbreak.

P.S.S. iTunes won't give me the option to "restore to backup" so I don't know of any way to get this file back without restoring.

Sorry about the long post... I have OCD lol so my themes have to be perfect.