Hello guys need a little help. I am new to iphone and jailbreaking. I am trying to manually trans pic files thru ssh. I can't seem to find them in the root. Any tips?

Here's the sit...I got pics in folders that I synced with I tunes. my Camera roll folder is currently empty. Of course these folders are named for ex "Liv's 7th B-Day".

Currently I have a jpeg img I would like to add so the I can use for my lock screen.

Currently I am using a "vwallpaper" Theme in background that I figured out the root to add straight to the app. Can't seem to do it for pics though.

Also I would like to take jpeg imgs or lets say for ex. other vid wallpaper and add them too, but I don't want to have to rely on "vwallpaper" to display them.

I was able to locate "camera Roll" in the root but I can't find my other picture folder that I put on my phone thru itunes. Any imput ??

I was able to figure out adding to camera roll, but when items were added they gave no thumbnail just a black box in place of thumbnail. However selecting brought up pic and swipe thru to others pics worked as normal. Does this have anything to do with either jpeg or png?

Any help to this "Novice" is very welcomed!!