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Thread: Enabling Safari Download Plugin.

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    Default Enabling Safari Download Plugin.
    Hello everyone,

    I've noticed that after the 4.0 upgrade and JB, the Safari Download Plugin seems to not work properly, particularly on any files that the QuickTime Plugin can support. So if I try to point Safari to an .mp3 file, instead of downloading the file, QuickTime will stream it instead.

    If I go into the /System/Library/Internet Plug-ins directory and move the QuickTime Plugin.webplugin directory out, respring, the Safari Download Plugin seems to work fine.

    I assumed that maybe I needed the Safari DL toggle, but installing it and toggling the setting didn't make any difference.

    I could possibly wait for a fix for this, but I'm wondering if there might be a way to tell the QuickTime Plugin not to support the .mp3 extension. Can it be done using it's Info.plist file in the WebPluginMIMETypes? Sorry I don't know too much about plist files.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    *** EDIT ***

    Seems I answered my own question... that was easier than I thought. I just grabbed a Plist editor and ran a search for anything that said mp3 and set the value to 0. Didn't need to respring at all.

    I guess if anyone else has this problem, please let me know if there's any other way around this. I'd be definitely interested.

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    i noticed the same thing are you sure if i do the ssh thing it will work?

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    How do you uninstall or take off quicktime??

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    Any progress on this? So far I've been able to save an .avi file by using megaupload to when I hit download. Safari acts as if it were loading a screen or page but it's actually downloading the .avi file in the temp/ folder somewhere. I go to it in ifile and I move it to the Downloads folder. N it's still there. Nothing like before tho. These are huge steps.

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    It isn't downloading OR playing the file.

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    I dont use SDM but ive read that if place a folder named "Downloads" in var/mobile/library and change the permissions to 777 it is supposed to work. It might be worth a shot. Otherwise get filer from the app store it is by far the best DL i have used and i have tried every one that is in the app store. (its only money, its better than going to the casino)

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    SDM is working fine now on ios4

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