Hi everyone !

I'm new with iphone ( did unlock/active/jailbreak my iPhone 3G locked to OS 4 ) .I have a question:

Before transfer to iPhone, I'm Windows Mobile user ( nearly 3 years ) - I have 3000 sms on my old phone ( HTC Diamond ) and now I want to find the way to transfer sms from it to my new iphone.

I searched on internet but I haven't found a solution yet. I think I have to go another by convert both of them (sms database) to XML.

I converted Windows Mobile SMS to XML ( done )
I converted iPhone SMS to XML ( done )

I edited XML from iphone SMS database because it has more field than windows mobile sms database but now I can not find the way to compile edited XML back to iPhone sms database ( sms.db )

So could someone help to solve this issue or point me to another way to transfer windows mobile sms to iphone ?

Thanks you so much