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Thread: retrieving mail data

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    Default retrieving mail data
    hey guys! im writting because accidently i restored my iphone and lost all of my info. i tried to restore from backup but i couldnt get to load it because itunes just wouldnt let me. so i explored my backup file directory and retrieved the contact info... but i still want to know where my email account settings are stored, for example username email, password, incoming and outgoing server information because i need to set it back as it was before and i dont know what the data is. thanks a lot guys!!!


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    *if* the passwords are there, they aren't stored in human readable format.

    And you don't know your own email address?

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    right, but what i want to retrieve is my servers information in order to reconfigure is stored in one of the files of the iphone backup folder that itunes creates? i just cant find a way to identify which file might contain that information.. for example i extracted a database file containing all of my contacts.. and using a database editor was able to extract my contact information from the there a way to find the file containing my accounts information? (all i really need is the incoming and outgoing server settings info to copy and pasted them just like it was before. Thanks!


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    Well, if you know the company that provides the email service, don't they have that info on their website somewhere?

    But as far as your question, I'm not sure if that info is in the backups. But everything you are looking for (except human readable passwords) is in inside of /var/mobile/Library/Preferences on the phone itself. But that will do you no good if you don't have your email set up on the phone.

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