so I've just got iAcces4 and am loving it, I've always wanted to have a custom keyboard, and since I've only been on the hacking scene since OS 3.0 i never got the chance to have it until now..
the "enable for individual app" feature lets you apply the keyboard to be used within certain apps. i have tried editing the file appcontrol.cfg to include other applications such as Cydia but it doesn't work any ideas?

also when i was running blackra1n on 3.1.2 i had this problem of random itunes password popups (the one you get when you purchase something off of the appstore)it would popup when i unlock, open cydia, join a wifi network and even just when its sitting there unlocked... this was one of the reasons that pushed me to update to 3.1.3 and use Redsn0w, i thought its either in the OS version or jailbreak software, so a complete restore and new jailbreak will fix it... well it didnt work and it is really starting to annoy me now does anyone know how i could fix this since restores and different JB software does nothing?