Hi guys,

Would like some help if possible. Ive done some searching and cant seem to find an answer.

Im trying to change:

from the Other.artwork file.

I have the other.artwork file in the correct folder e.g CiPhoneShop\ and can export all the images to the "other" folder, I replace the files above with the images i want, then run the "Import.bat" file. It creates a new artwork file in the other folder but this again contains the original images for some reason??

I then done these step in order to make sure i was doing it correct:

-Create a folder called iPhoneShop on desktop

-Put Export.bat, Import.bat and iPhoneShop-1.3.jar in that folder

-Create another folder within called Other (\Desktop\iPhoneShop\Other)

-Run export.bat, which puts the PNGs in the \Other folder

-Changed the Files I wanted

-Run import.bat

- again this creats a new Other.artwork file in the other folder.
Ive removed the original artwork file and other foloder from the iphoneshop folder then created a new other folder ran export on the new artwork file. The original images are showing from the artwork file

I have re-installed Java runtime and have also ran the import process from the command line(java -jar ciPhoneShop\iPhoneShop-1.3.jar ARTWORK Other.artwork IMPORT ./other/)

Same issue

Any help would be really appriciated.