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Thread: BRICKED iPhone????

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    Default BRICKED iPhone????
    This morning, i decided to use my new belt pouch that has a magnetic case... After I arrived to school, i pulled out my phone to put it on silent... But come to find out, it doesn't turn on!!?! What do I now? I've heard of people going directly to the apple store to get another one but the thing is... I have a refurbished iPhone.

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    did you try plugging it in and doing a restore?
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    or how bout just a plain old RESET (power button and the Home button hold them both)

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    Was your battery low?
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    Battery was fully charged. While in class, I decided to do a "reset" holding the home and power buttons and it actually loaded up! But it did not catch any signal so i had to reboot it.

    I decided to be brave and stuck it in my magnetic closing pouch again and all day, it hasn't turned off on me. I talked to my physics professor, and she said the magnet COULD in deed interfere with the electronics in the cell phone, altering the electrons paths BUT it would have to be a pretty strong magnet. I highly doubt the magnets in these pouches are strong. In the end I think those magnet theories are a MYTH! Someone want to prove it otherwise??

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    This is the second magnet related story I've heard recently with the iPhone, I wonder if the sensors inside might be effected by the strong magnetic field? That's more likely than the magnets altering the electron paths... LOL

    A coworker had a problem with her PowerBook a while back, every few weeks, the hard drive would mysteriously die. After replacing the drive three separate times, I gave her an entirely different machine. This one lasted two months, then the drive died again. I was at wits end, and asked her if she lived under a high voltage tower or near the airport's radar installation, she laughed and said no... A while later she came back and showed me the bag she had been using, which she had stopped using for a few weeks after getting the replacement laptop. It had a huge magnet to hold the clasp shut, and when the unit was in the bag, the magnet was right next to where the hard drive would have been.

    She threw the bag in the trash on the spot as soon as I pointed that out. Her machine has been fine ever since.

    So... If your phone acts up again, give the case to a friend with a lesser phone.

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