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Thread: Opening .plist files - a quick fix reminder for OSX

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    Default Opening .plist files - a quick fix reminder for OSX
    Having just done the upgrade to OS3 and in preparation for 3.0.1 I decided to modify some .plist files (to get rid of that damn annoying Call Forwarded popup when dialling) and suddenly couldn't remember how I converted them to xml text format!! Last time I did this was last year sometime, so this has probably been posted before but will serve as a reminder for those doing the same.

    If you haven't got them get Apple's Xcode tools which are free and includes Plist Editor. Open the file in Plist editor and choose File/Save As/XML Property List. This then happily converts into readable format and makes for easier editing as most of the guides and tips on this and similar sites use to do this.

    I guess you could then also convert back to Binary using the same Save as command but iphone can read both formats so not entirely necessary. (Please correct me if wrong on any of this).

    And for anyone actually wanting to get rid of Call Forwarding on OS3 (it hasn't changed and having just done this it still works) SSH into iphone and navigate to /var/user/library/Carrier bundle.bundle which is your Network provider bundle. Download the carrier.plist file, open and save as with Plist Editor as above. Open with text edit and scroll down to the lines that say


    Change the value <true/> to <false/>

    For those that are not sure then it should look like this:


    SSH back into Carrier bundle.bundle folder, Reboot not re-spring and no more irritating Call Forwarding Active pop-up (T-Mobile UK users will appreciate it!!).

    If using Plist Editor to edit (which is a heck of a lot easier and takes seconds) without converting the file the two "Show" keys will be very obvious. Simply uncheck the tick box next to each key and save the file - it's that simple!!
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