I got the new 32gb 3GS a couple weeks ago.

I Jailbroke it and used restore from another iPhone

This copied all my settings from my 3G iPhone

Here is the problem. I used bosstool on my 3G

so when i restored from another iPhone on my 3Gs i had a lot of

space in the /var/moble/media folder.

Well i just did a fresh restore and jailbreak and come to find

out that bosstool does not work on OS 3.0

All the info i have found online to relocate applications to free

up disk space is old and outdated. Does anyone have a new method

to free up disk space? I dont install a lot of apps but i do want

to copy my photos back into the /var/moble/media/DCIM directory

Also i need to copy my NES Roms into the /media directory too.

I use Netatalk with Finder on my Mac to access the iPhone