So I got two seperate problems that I wanted to cover in one thread.

My big problem came when I updated (not restored) to 3.0. I jailbroke with redsn0w and when I opened cydia it prompted for an update to cydia and several other packages. I tried to update but It wouldn't let me. In fact, Cydia couldn't install anything. It continuously gave me the wrong error. Icy and Kryptes both installed just fine, but Neither of them work as well as cydia. I tried installing Cydia Installer from Saurik's source with both apps and they both resulted in Cydia just not opening up at all. Is there any way I can get Cydia back without a restore?

My other problem came when trying to make my iTouch 1G look more like an iPhone. I got the plist file edits working and all the apps installed (unfortunately, I only have 2.X apps. If anyone could upload their 3GS apps in .zip that would be awesome) but that carrier is stuck at No Service. How can I get it to display the REAL carrier & signal bars?