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Thread: iPhone SMS Backup help

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    Default iPhone SMS Backup help
    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping to get some help with my iPhone. I've been having some problems ever since upgrading to 3.0 including my camera not taking photos. Nothing is saved to the camera roll, including screenshots. I thought I might just do a full restore to fix it but I do want to keep all of my text messages though. I used the iPhonebrowser to find an sms.db and an sms-legacy.db file under both /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS and /var/mobile/Library/SMS. I was testing this out and made a backup of the sms.db and sms-legacy.db file from the private /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS directory but not the /var/mobile/Library/SMS directory. I sent and received a text and tried I replaced the sms.db and the sms-legacy.db file under private/var/mobile/Library/SMS with my backups but did not save them to the /var/mobile/Library/SMS.

    Here's where my problems began. I can no longer send any text messages. I don't know if I can receive any either. I hit send and the SMS process just crashes. I tried fixing it by placing my backup sms.db and sms-legacy.db files back into the /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS and /var/mobile/Library/SMS directory. Rebooted and my texts were restored to when I had the backup, but I still can not send out text messages. I'm wondering if there is any way to fix this or do I now have to do a full restore. Also did I mess up pretty bad and if the files in the /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS and /var/mobile/Library/SMS directories are completely different or what? Both directories have the same files under Library as well, that's why I swapped it.

    I did back up my texts messages using Tansee iPhone SMS Transfer, but the whole reason I did this was to import my texts messages back onto my iPhone after a full restore.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    You know you can backup you sms messages through Itunes right?

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    I talked to Apple support and they said the only method was to do a full backup. That is what I'm trying to avoid. I want to avoid the problems I have currently by doing a full restore. Unless there's a new option to ONLY back up sms messages that I didn't know about.

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    You still do a full restore, just setup the phone from the backup file which adds your settings and messages back.

    If there is a problem with it working that way....the only other way is to copy over the sms.db file. As to which one, not sure. Ive always been able to use a backup file.

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    Yeah I understand what you're saying, but I don't want to copy over the backup file because I did that after installing OS 3.0, but then my camera didn't work anymore as well as nothing would save to my camera roll, i.e. screenshots and photos taken with the camera. So I thought I'd do a full restore, but I want to keep my texts though.

    I tried restoring the sms.db file but it keeps crashing my SMS application when I hit send on a text message. I would write a message out and hit send only to have it crash and bring me back to the home screen. This was after I copied over the sms.db and sms-legacy.db file to the /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS directory. I don't know if theres a difference from that directory and the /var/mobile/Library/SMS directory. Please if anyone can explain this, that'd be great.

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    schen292: I'm having the exact same issue myself.

    Just jailbroke my 3GS yesterday with redsn0w.
    I did not restore from backup, so I had a fresh image. I wanted my old call logs and sms logs so I used iPhone Backup Extractor to pull the Library/SMS files from an old backup then I SSH'd in and copied them over. All my old SMS logs show.

    However, now when I try to respond to old text messages or create a new one, the second I tap the "send" button, the messages app closes.

    Here's what Ive done so far to try and fix:

    1) Turn of 3G and try EDGE - shuts down
    2) Reboot - shuts down
    3) Reload the fresh (empty) SMS folder that I backed up + reboot - shuts down

    Have you been able to fix yours?

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    The sms.db and sms-legacy.db files in both the /var/mobile/Library/SMS directory and the /private/mobile/Library/SMS directory are the same. Delete one and the other is gone as well. I couldn't get mine working so I just saved my texts to my computer using a program. I can load my old sms.db file onto my iPhone but like you said, it does crash the application.

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    Yeah, this is frustrating. I noticed last night that even with a 3G connection, I couldnt connect to any web pages or send or receive email. Then this morning I could. Now, its back to where I cant access any web pages or send or receive email. I don't know whats going on.

    I am doing a fresh restore of 3.0 and then test everything out. I don't know if its the redsn0w jailbreak that is messing everything up or if I messed something up when I was SSHing in to restore all my sms/app/game files.

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    had the same issue. easy fix. i used winscp, but when you put the sms.db file in the SMS folder, right click on it and click properties. make sure group and owner are both mobile [501] and the permissions are 0644. works like a charm. do the same for sms-legacy.db.

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    In order to restore your old sms.db properly, first log in to your iPhone via SSH with the user "mobile" (not "root") and password "alpine". Then copy over your old sms.db to the /private/mobile/Library/SMS directory and change permissions to 644. That's it. You should now have all your old messages and the SMS app will work as normal!

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    Default The missing link ...
    If you are looking for a tool to view and export your contacts, text messages (sms) your calendar entries and more then check out ‘iTwin’ from here: A neat PC program with many features, that Apple should have already included into iTunes but never did. Rock stable, easy and a ‘must have’. Cheers …

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    ibye is very good for backup. i think you should try it...

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