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Thread: Nike+ on iPhone 2G/3G

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    I already have a copy of the 3GS firmware from nick and a 2.2.1 firmware that I decrypted. I guess I have to get a 3.0 iTouch one then...
    I'll report back with results tomorrow.

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    When you open the app and try to link a sensor does the voice say 'walk around'?
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    LINKING_EMPED_TITLESportsTrainerLINKING_EMPED_MESS AGELINKING_RECEIVER_TITLELINKING_NO_RECEIVER_SECON DARY_INSTRUCTIONLINKING_UNNECESSARY_RECEIVER_SECON DARY_INSTRUCTIONLINKED_TO_EMPED_delegate@_linkingM anager@"STEmpedLinkingManager"_linkingView@"STLink ingView"_didDismisscdelegate_dismissIfLinked_setLi nkingType:animated:[email protected]:4i8c12empedLinkingManager :linkedStateChanged:empedLinkingManager:externalRe ceiverDisconnected:empedLinkingManager:receiverSta teChanged:[email protected]:[email protected]:sensorSt ateChanged:linkingViewRequestsEmpedSearch:viewDidD isappear:T@"<STModalLinkingDelegate>",N,V_delegate STLinkingControllerisExternalReceiverRequiredisExternalReceiverAttachedlinkingViewRequestsRemot eSearch:linkingViewRequestsPop:STLinkingViewDelega teempedLinkingManager:remoteLinkedStateChanged:STE mpedLinkingManagerDelegateSTCustomWorkoutTimestart LinkingsetPrompt:bundleForClass:stopLinkingisLinke dToEmpedisExternalReceiverRequiredisExternalReceiv erAttachedlinkingViewRequestsRemoteSearch:linkingV iewRequestsPop:STLinkingViewDelegateempedLinkingMa nager:remoteLinkedStateChanged:STEmpedLinkingManag erDelegate
    this is from the "Nike" file under /Applications/ (use any hex editor)

    so as I see it and without knowing anything but english this thing above gives a chance to connect an external receiver in case it doesn't find the internal one.

    I assume the 2.2.1 OS for iphone didn't have any nike code prewritten inside it so the wasn t finding any receivers and was looking for the external.

    To make it accept the external receiver I think we should deactivate the check by putting some error there or removing the code or replacing the code with the require external part.

    I tried doing that but the app doesn't work because we need to sign the app. ldid doesn't work on OS 3.0 so I don't have any idea how to sign the app.

    I might be very wrong on this but tell me what yu think.

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    I think it tells us how to sign apps on cydia by opening cydia navigating to
    Frequently asked questions > Developing for iPhone Os > then question 2 explains how

    Then click the blue words Bypassing Code Signature
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    yeah i read that. it says basically to use ldid or cancel protection. neither works on OS 3.0

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    We need someone who develops apps on iphone who knows what their doing with code.

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    well the other idea would be to pack the in an ipa and install it with insta lous if possible. ill try later.

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    Update on the AccessorySupport framework. Replacing the framework with the iTouch 3.0 version doesn't yield any visible results. There is no AccessorySupport in the 2.2.1 firmware so no dice there.

    Conclusion: dead end.

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    anyone could give me this?


    from 3gs or itouch 2g

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    You need a real 3GS or 2G to do that, right?

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    Editing any of the files won't work since files need to be re-signed.

    If you see I've changed the sportstrainer app and when executing the nike app, when it calls the sportstrainer app, the nike app dies.

    ldid doesn't work on OS 3.0. I found some relative tutorials but that's not exactly what I'm looking for and since I'm a PC I can't even try anything with them.

    iPhone Software Development: Use XCode 3.1.2 to build SDK 3.0 app to 3.0 Device without provisioning profile
    Developing for a jailbroken iPhone, A to Z (iPhone 3.0) |
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    You changed the app itself? How did you do that?

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    hex editor. just replaced 2-3 lines with code from the 2.2.1 version.

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    if you need something signing then why not just post up the app and get someone with a mac to sign it for you =]

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    good idea. can someone sign this for me?
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    I never signed something nor did I ever use dev tools but I can give it a try.

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    Default Works?
    I got this on a 2G no external receiver. Does this mean it'll work. Oh, and by the way the app runs too. To many people forgetting 755 permissions. Anyway here:

    Sorry I don't have a Nike kit.

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    i have a bit problem,in the springboard there is the nike+ app but the icon isn't nike+,is resident evil degenration...a fix for that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveMB View Post
    i have a bit problem,in the springboard there is the nike+ app but the icon isn't nike+,is resident evil degenration...a fix for that?
    Ah, I hate that. Turn off Nike in Settings and then uninstall any app with an incorrect icon. Reboot and re-install those apps and then turn Nike back on,

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    now i have a blank icon for the nike+ :S

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