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Thread: Are you having problems getting MMS to work with your 2G?

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    Red face Are you having problems getting MMS to work with your 2G?
    So I just finished up a 2 hour screwing around session with my iPhone. It seemed so simple... Just run the Cydia app. For some reason my iPhone did not like that idea. I had to do every single one of these steps to get it going, just for simplicity's sake I have tried removing a few steps, however without everyone of these steps I cannot get MMS running.

    I guess there must be at least one other person out there severely pissed off at why he can't get MMS running. So here is my 20 step guide.


    1. Jailbreak 3.0
    2. Run all the Cydia updates.
    3. Search for “ActivateMMS2G” in Cydia
    4. Install it.
    5. Reboot it (mine froze, so I had to manually do it)
    6. On your iPhone go to Unlockit - APN Changer for your iPhone, select Continue, Custom APN, V3 Tethering + MMS, then your carrier.
    7. Hit Create Profile
    8. Hit Install, Install Now
    9. Done
    10. Reboot
    11. Plug your iPhone in and start iTunes
    12. Get to the page with the Update and Restore page
    13. Hold shift and click Restore
    14. On the bottom right change the drop down from “iPod/iPhone Software files” to “iPhone Carrier Configuration Files”
    15. Select the newly downloaded ATT_US.ipcc
    16. Click Open
    17. Reboot your iPhone once it finishes updating
    18. Go back to Cydia, go to manage, select packages, click “ActivateMMS2G” and reinstall it.
    19. Reboot your iPhone
    20. Open Settings, Messages, and enable MMS Messaging.

    That is all. Supposedly this will enable Tethering but that hasn’t yet worked for me.

    Most people will only have to do steps 1-5, however I needed to do all of these steps for some reason to get my MMS working. Also keep in mind you may need to get AT&T to unblock your MMS capabilities (I was able to get on family MediaNet)
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