Greetings all.

I just uncovered a really strange issue with my carrier logo on my jailbroken iPhone 3G running FW 3.0.
I'm with Virgin Mobile and I hate the carrier being set to "OPTUS" so I changed it with Cydia using the Virgin Carrier Fix (it still works with the new firmware). Everything was fine until I tried to set up my net tethering. It let me into the settings, then when I hooked it up to my computer it ran for about 30 seconds then died and removed both the Tethering options AND the MMS options from the settings menu. After a few hours of trying to reenable it, I reinstalled my carrier settings manually through iTunes. Now both tethering and MMS are working properly again, but for some reason my carrier logo went back to OPTUS. And after respringing it now says "YES..."

Its really starting to bug me. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on? It seems like its just ignoring the carrier logo and putting the carrier listing from the Settings app in there (in Settings it says "YES OPTUS" under carrier so I'm guessing that's where the "YES..." comes from).

I've attached an image to better illustrate the problem.