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Thread: MMS on iPhone 2g with OS 3.0

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    works for me!! carrier WIND italy

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    what was your process?

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    Unlike some users have said, I don't face Springboard crash or 5 minutes sending delay. Sending works fine. tekwiz have said he can confirm Receiving, but I can't receive. I haven't added an .ipcc file or such (none available for my country carrier)

    It seems to give random effects.

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    Tmobile USA is working here. Not sure if anyone else with Tmobile USA has got it to work yet. I simply followed the instructions from the attached and added the tmobile profile from
    Attached Files Attached Files

  5. The Following User Says Thank You to wonderroom For This Useful Post:

    azngosu (2009-06-28)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravinsp View Post
    Thanks Tekwiz, I thought I have patched it earlier and changed permission but since u told me, I did it again. Now I can send MMS but with few problems.

    My friend get my MMS as 2 pages. 1st page is blank. 2nd page has the photo. Subject is there, but no body text appears for him.

    Receive does not work with yet. The annoying thing is the lack of notifications. So I hv to manually go to Swirly and check for arrived MMS.

    Maybe the problem is only on my side but I'm telling these to check whether other users hv these symptoms.
    Stop swirly from receiving. I bet like email, it pulls the message in that should/would have gone to normal messages.

    I am on Tmo with 2g and I have it working both way but when sending my springboard crashes requiring a respring....receiving I get a popup window with the pic and message in it and the close or reply buttons and no crash.

    While attempting to work out the crash issue I cmod'd the springboard binary to 644 since it seems that what most others are at....bad move...restoring now lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by azngosu View Post
    what was your process?
    @azngosu: Follow the instructions on the post before the last post by "Silencers" on page 15. It has a zip file as an attachment.

    EDIT: wonderroom has posted the attachment on this page.

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    yeah i got it thanks a ton! i was reading through this all last night apparantly i missed the post; tried that chinese thing and omg! going to try this in a bit. I'll post if its through for T-mobile USA. but thanks a ton !

    OMG it works.... my messages send in about 10 seconds and im not experiencing hte 5 minutes delay? im T-mobile USA and this is friggen AWESOME!!! thanks guys!
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    These are the Tmobile MMS settings that worked for me:

    MMS APN:
    Username: [Leave blank]
    Password: [Leave blank]

    I have also been able to send voice memos through MMS.

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    For the Tmobile users it is working for, Do you have SwirlyMMS installed? I am wondering if this is why it is not working for me.

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    ok, so i downloaded the zip file ssh'd mms2g.deb to var/root. ssh'd in with terminal and ran dpkg -i mms2g.deb

    i rebooted. ssh'd in and copied over to System/Library/CoreServices and i copied commcenter to System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreTelephony.Framework/Support/.

    i rebooted again. went into settings and put in my T-Mobile USA mms settings:
    mms proxy:

    rebooted again. went to send it and it failed. rebooted again. tried again, and it sent. i sent one to myself and received it. sent one to a friend and they received it. waiting to receive one now.

    totally freakin awesome!

    NEXT: enabling video in and still be able to take pics with the camera app.
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    i got rid of swily since its full of balony. so try to uninstall it and see what happens. i thought swirly didnt work with 3.0 so i didnt even bother.

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    ok, after a restore with custom pwned firmware, then cydia upgrades, the carrier file installation which enable visual voicemail only in the cell data settings after reboot, then ssh the patched deb file and ran command, rebooted, had MMS settings option under cell data settings but no camera icon in messages, put Tmo MMS settings in, rebooted, got camera icon in msgs app, sent MMS no problem..took about 30-45 seconds.

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    I just installed ActivateMMS2G in Cydia, iPhone 2G is send MMS in Apple good!


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    confirmed working on Vodafone australia.

    i did the instructions the first time, and it didn't work with EDGE enabled, i re-installed the .deb and it worked after i had disabled EDGE. can't be sure that re-installing made the difference, or disabling EDGE, but it won't send with EDGE enabled.

    is this the same for others?

    Quote Originally Posted by wodkaredbull View Post
    Just done :-) Works also for me, Carrier : Vodafone Italy

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    Did Cydia just say it uses over 600MB?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lecram25 View Post

    Did Cydia just say it uses over 600MB?
    Ya I noticed that as well, I think it's just a typo tho as the deb is pretty small.

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    I installed the package from cydia and input my MMS WAP settings but it's not saving. and for the life of me I cant find where to even make an MMS message in the messaging app. I'm going to try doing this manually..

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    Installed it in Cydia, only Cellular Data and MMS APN settings are available. Just like before, the APN for MMS doesn't stick unless both are the same.

    I'm going to do a carrier update (that worked before, just as long as the VVM APN matched that of MMS).

    Also, I don't have an MMS toggle in the Messages settings screen nor have I seen the photo icon in Messages app (had the photo icon yesterday back when I used the russian patch, I have since restored).

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    Now you can find a package in Cydia from Ispazio repo, pay attention because some friends told me this package don't work and they have to restore.....

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    I had the same problem as Lecram25. I reset network settings, downloaded the T-Mobile carrier settings from, put in the correct MMS settings, and it stuck. However, still don't have an MMS toggle-thing.

    EDIT: Reinstalled Cydia package, turned off/turned on my phone. Can confirm MMS works with my iPhone, T-Mobile USA. Took 25 seconds to send message.

    EDIT 2: Can send/receive MMS. As others have reported, pics received on iPhones with T-Mobile USA are grainy and low-res. I had this problem with SwirlyMMS. Is there some way to fix this?
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