I have finally activated tethering on my iPhone running 3.0GM on the O2 Network!

After a little work, I managed to get internet tethering working on my iPhone 3G running 3.0GM on the O2-UK network, heres how I did it:

Firstly we have to prep iTunes to allow us to change the IPCC file on the iPhone, open up terminal and type the following command:

defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool TRUE

Or if your on a PC:

CProgram Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

This now allows us to send our hacked IPCC file over to the iPhone. Next you need to ensure you are running iPhone OS 3.0 GM if your not this will most likely not work. You can get the GM from Apple’s Dev centre or a bit of creative googleing!

Download the IPCC file from here.
O2-UK IPCC File (14)

Open iTunes and connect your iPhone, now holding down ALT (Option) click on “RESTORE” this will open a file dialouge, navigate to the IPCC file and click OK. This will change your iPhones network settings and should allow for internet Tethering.

itunes alt Click

Now that your IPCC has been changed go into your iPhones settings and navigate to:

General > Network > Internet Tethering

After you have enabled tethering your now ready to set up your mac to use iPhone as a modem, I personally prefer using USB rather than bluetooth as I thinkg it is more reliable and certainly more secure, simply plug your iPhone into your mac / pc while thethering is enabled and it should recognise it as a modem.


Now your ready to go! Obviously O2 plan on charging for internet tethering so I am unsure how long this hack will last, enjoy it while you can!


I take no responsibility for any problems that may arise from using this tutorial, you continue at your own risk!

Full post with images and IPCC file here:
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