Hey guys, i know i know, directions should be easy but for some reason im having trouble following this. i got to step one and totally got lost LOL. Could anyone help me over aim or something? or even dumb this down for me??

Anyway, I hexedited Cycorder and disabled the ads. I will tell you how to do it in a few simple steps.

1. Download HexEdit for Mac.

2. Get the Cycorder binary off of your iPhone and open it with HexEdit.

3. Press CMD+F for "Find" and type "http" ... this will locate the part in the program where it gets the ads from a "website" so to speak. Make sure it's the URL that has "iSDK" just after it. On the left, you'll see all sorts of hexidecimal stuff, and on the right you'll see what looks like the makings of a URL. Highlight the part that says "http" and replace it with "xxxx" ... now save it and you're done with HexEdit.

4. Go back to the Cycorder directory on your iPhone and rename the original Cycorder binary to CycorderBackup just incase something bad happens. Now copy the new one in there that you saved with HexEdit.

5. If you run Cycoder, you'll see that it crashes instantly. That's because we haven't puedo-signed it yet. To do this, log into your phone via SSH as root, or install MobileTerminal and su to root:

apt-get install ldid
cd /Applications/Cycorder.app
ldid -S Cycorder

Make sure the S is a capital S there.