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Thread: PXL safari plugin?

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    Default PXL safari plugin?
    this seems interesting... Safari plugin to allow iPhones the Download PXL files from any site. What kind of file is this? And what kind of sites have these files or is this a new type for expansion for the future?

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    PXL files are a type of package that is used to install software. When you use ibrickr you can installed pxl packages (applications) with the software. The first time you use ibrickr to install pxl files, ibrickr will install the pxl daemon on the phone. The pxl plugin for safari allows you to go to any website that has pxl files and you can click on one and it will download and install that file onto your phone. This allows you to install a piece of software on the go when you are not near a computer. would be another alternative.

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    any sites already existing known for providing files of this type? Are they all for applications or media too? Where would they put them in the harddrive by default?

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    But it seems like there's not one file on there that's NOT on installer. Are there any other sites offering anything else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jujubeanser View Post

    But it seems like there's not one file on there that's NOT on installer. Are there any other sites offering anything else?
    Not really, but that's the point. It's more for those that don't use / have Installer app.

    Plus for the 'regular' Installer app users all of "my" stuff is there and not on Installer.

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    Default Use this source to make an mp3 or mp4 plugin
    Since this source knows to open and save the pxl, lets get an effort to make it download and save mp3 and mp4 files right to the music an video parts of our phones. I couldnt find source code or I would try it myself.

    Can anyone help convert pxl plugin to save mp3s right from the internet. It would be a first step towards even more greatness.

    This would subsitute as a copy and paste or right click save file as:

    Save .jpg
    Save .mp3
    Save .mp4
    Save .mov
    Save .rar (would need a terminal unzipper)
    Save .zip (would need a terminal unzipper)

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    i download and install files, but they don't show up on my springboard... i never used ibrickr because i used independence and anysim to unlock my phone (mac user)... what am i doing wrong?

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    I have tried to download couple files but it didn't work anybody has the same issues?
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    Change the .pxl to .zip
    Extract the zip file
    Take the plugin file located in the "plugin" folder of your zip extract
    Put the plugin in:
    /System/Library/Internet Plug-Ins
    on your phone
    Force restart Safari by launching Safari and holding the home button until you return to the desktop.

    PS Why would I email you?

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    easy instructions, worked grt for me. i do have 1 question tho. in the unzipped file i also found PxlPkg.plist. what if anything do i do with this?

    thanks for the help.

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