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Thread: Can I take the text messages from one back up file and put it into another?

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    Default Can I take the text messages from one back up file and put it into another?
    alright here's the deal. I deleted one person's text messages and i had like an entire history of txt msgs for over a year. Now I can restore to a two month old back up, and get those txt msgs back but i'll lose everything i did in the last 2 months. I was thinking maybe I could take the specific text messages i want from one back up file, and then stick it into a new backup file. Is that possible? Does anyone know how to do it? This is really killing me and I don't want to lose everything I did the last 2 months, but I don't wanna lose that year's worth of conversation .

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    Really dont think its possible. Do you really go back and read year old txts?

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    yea i actually do, lol. I just did it a few days ago and it brings back memories and i'd just be pretty sad if i didn't have it anymore

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    Gotcha, I could be wrong...but Ive never heard of being able to do so. Not extracting them out of a backup file anyways.

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    That is why I like Chronus. I can save different backups on my computer. If you have the free version it only let's you save one backup per app on the iPhone itself but you can ssh it to your computer to archive it. Or you can buy the licensed version that let's you save multiple backups on the phone. I have only restored my iTunes backup maybe 2 or 3 times in the 18 months Ive had an iPhone. I've always had issues restoring with a backup.

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    I did it! i figured it out! and its all thanks to this app called iTextUploader. What it does is let you upload your texts to a 3rd party server, choose which ones you want to keep, then redownload them into your iphone. So i uploaded all my texts, restored back to my 2 month old backup, then uploaded the texts that i deleted last time, and then downloaded them all back onto my iphone. And chronus helped too, it let me back up all the data from my other apps that werent in my old backup, like my recent notes, contacts, etc. So thanks for that bhz1.

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