hey just wondering if anyone had any halo sounds that i could use for my iphone. i am mainly interested in teh sounds that gets annouced when you kill someone like. Double kill, tripple kill, killjoy, rampage, running riot, etc. etc.

and if im not asking for too much, i have the vwallpaper app and wanted this video to play on my background. if anyone can make this for me, it would be much appreciated! the only thing i want to do is remove the begging intro from 1 second - 15 seconds and 1:01-1:08 in the ending

heres the link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGGJuAYdfmM]YouTube - Need For Speed Undercover Police Chase[/ame]

thanks!! i love modmyi.com forum! you guys are awesome