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Thread: Can I change file names with Mobile Finder??

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    Default Can I change file names with Mobile Finder??
    The title pretty much says it all. Im trying to change the filename of an icon in one of my Summerboard themes but everytime I do it, the name reverts back to what it was. Do I need to change permissions or something like that?

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    Yes you certainly can, i have used it to change folder names and files before.

    simply select the file you are wanting to rename, so its highlighted.

    select modify from the menu selection at the bottom.

    then click into, and change the filename to whatever you wish,

    and importantly, to make changes stick click done when renamed

    i assume you have done all that, but you are saying it doesnt change it!?

    well i can only think permissions, as you say - may be the problem.

    try changing the permissions to something else, 0755 for example, thats the permission on the file i am able to rename ok.

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    Thanks for the quick reply Quaddy. You are right, I have tried the above and once I click done, the name goes back to the original.
    Im not entirely familiar with MobileFinder so Im having a hard time figuring out how to change permissions on the file. I have the folder open with the file I want to change. Apollo_.png is the file I want changed to sms.png. So I click on Apollo_.png and then Modify. I can see the file attributes which tells me the permission is currently 493. But I dont see a way to change that.

    Thanks again

    After doing a couple more searches I think Ive found out permissions cant be changed on the fly. Is that correct?
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    first of all, are you sure you dont already have an existing file named sms.png in that same folder. this could be why its instantly rejecting the rename.

    if not then it must be permissions, yes you can change those 'on the fly' with mobile finder

    select file, click modify then under the file attributes portion of the page that is shown, check the following (so are highlighted)

    owner: read write exec
    group: read exec
    everyone: read exec

    click done.

    that should be equivalent to the decimal 0755 permission.


    p.s. ensure that the folder you are 'working' within isnt restricting your permissions inside of it, in other words go up a level and check the permission on the parent folder also!!
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    if you are running 1.1.3 or above, MobileFinder can't change permissions or rename stuff owned by root because it is running as user mobile.

    You need to use SSH to login as root and modify MobileFinder to be SUID, or find an Installer fix for MpbileFinder (try the repository).
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