ok the title sounds weird, but essentially its this, as a noob i'm still doing pretty well in learning this stuff, like winterboard you can use to implement the customized slidersets you make (and other stuff)

but is there finally a way where we can go into an app like winterboard and select the customized 'unlock' or 'lock' audio so
we dont have to

a)keep changing the audio file 'unlock'
b) keep going in the phone to later that one file

i mean its nice to be able to change customized audio like custom ringtones once then if i want to change tones i just select a new one of the list of custom tones i made

but I have to keep going in the phone just to change the audio for unlock if i want something different everytime

any new projects created lately to help make this step more convenient?

would also be nice if we didn't have to completely cut out the sms tones, exactly like the 'unlock' thing the old sms tones are replaced by new ones...meaning only 7 are allowed to be placed in and they replace the old sms audio...and you don't even get to re-label it