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Thread: HTML email signature gets stripped when sent

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    Default HTML email signature gets stripped when sent
    Hi all,

    Using this guide I created a nice rich html email signature to replace the lame "Sent from my iPhone" signature that screams "I'm an Apple Fanboy!"

    Anyways, it was just an image with a built in hyperlink, but served the job as a signature well. It worked fine and played well with most mail programs.

    The other day I decided to get fancy and create an image map to set different hyperlinks for diferent areas of the signature image. I've tested the html in multiple browsers including mobile safari and even MS outlook. It works fine in all of them and all clickable regions work.

    I then modified the plist with the new html (after encoding the html entities) just like I did with the old signature. Now here's where it gets interesting... When I create a new message, the signature shows up, the image loads, everything looks great; but when I send the message, the mail app strips off the signature completely before sending it. Recipients recieve a message with no signature, not even fragments of the html...

    I've checked the permissions on the mail plist and everything looks good... what gives? The mail app can display and use mapped images but cant send them as a signature?

    Anyone run into this?

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    Anyone? I'll post the code, see if you see anything wrong with it that would make my image map get stripped...

    <STYLE type=text/css media=all>
    	#sig {
    	PADDING-BOTTOM: 3px; 
    	BORDER-BOTTOM: #999999 1px solid;
    <DIV id=sig>
    	<IMG src="imageurl.png" alt="Sent from my iPhone" border=0 Width=200 usemap="#sigmap">
    	<MAP NAME="sigmap">
    		<AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="tel:XXX-XXX-XXXX" COORDS="67,37,139,51">
    		<AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="mailto:[email protected]" COORDS="67,23,167,37">
    		<AREA SHAPE="rect" HREF="mailto:[email protected]" COORDS="8,8,62,61">

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    my signature strips out an inline image... not nice! The image shows on the iPhone, but isn't there for the recipient.

    Unicode still works!

    <string>&lt;img src=" 26AWDXgWOloqTb2Nljg6ksWCn4ury+Yh+TJ+HmHBqpC0kJIedZ qvPHI3HXAldYFtmvKNuMNbZbAgl2rrHtpHOlSzbZHiXHFZDZbU mxmbSk7al9ea3uFAAADs=" width="34" height="26"&gt;-- Ⓙⓐⓚⓔ*- יעקב***ʝǡǩȩ***ᎫᎪᏦᎬ*</string>
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    Does this work in 2.2???

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    nothing has changed! If you are ambitious, you can add emoji (see other treads) but they are normally not displayed properly on computers... just iPhone and some other phones. -- with free itunes under the puppy!
    If I help you out, please press THANKS!

    3g QuickPWN'ed with 2.1

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