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Thread: Hiding the carrier on the status bar?

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    Default Hiding the carrier on the status bar?
    Is there a way i cant not have the carrier show up on my status bar?

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    Modify the png file to look like the status bar, keeping the same dimensions. My son has his modified to look as though the sim card has been removed so he can use his iPod during study halls. The school has a strict no cell phone policy but the kids are allowed iPods. So he has an " iPod touch" ha ha

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    use Erica's Make it Mine
    you can change the carrier's name to what ever you want on the go.
    how ever you can't change the service Bars

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    how do I change the png so the carrier text is blank?

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    No need to change png file.
    The poster above you mentioned, just get Make It Mine from Cydia.

    With it you can change Carrier to blank.

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    "make it mine" doesn't allow of to be blank...

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    I guess you would edit the png so that it is 1 pixel wide or so that it is just a transparent png. Then you could SSH that onto the phone.

    Edit: Yeah I just tested it on my iPhone using Winterboard and it worked with 1 pixel wide transparent pngs. I attached the theme in the post, just SSH it into your Themes folder.
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    I can't find Cydia on app store

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollowpoints View Post
    "make it mine" doesn't allow of to be blank...
    Here's a pic, basically touch entry area to bring up keyboard then hit spacebar to add a blank space then hit carrier. the more spaces you add the more blank area will be where your carrier name should be.

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    This is a preview of the Invisible Carrier Theme I made before.
    (The AT&T Symbol is my Cellular signal and the Apple is Wifi Signal)
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    I can't find Cydia on app store

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    How about Make it Mine and you enter a few spaces? I think that should be the easiest solution.

    Some "extended preferences" packages have an option to enter a "fake carrier", you can enter an empty string there, too.
    Windows tool to edit .plist, .strings and .nib files: pledit.
    Or use a website that will convert the binary form to a readable format.
    On iPhone you can convert those files in a terminal with plutil (installed with Erica Utilities from Cydia), or edit them with iFile (from Cydia).

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