Ok I hate being stumped. Here's a small history of the problem. AppReveal, which makes your icons invisible, used to work great. Every time you refreshed the springboard, your selected Apps would be invisible. Then, under 1.13/1.14, every time you "reset" the springboard they would appear again, but you could still hide them. Now under 2.0, every time you refresh the springboard, they're back.

Here's all I want, to make the icons invisible by default when the springboard resets or refreshes. Does anyone in their travels know of a method or which SBAppTags to use to make this happen?

PS: For those who would suggest Poof, its not the same thing. Poof "hides" your Apps, which means the icon AND its placeholder are removed. AppReveal makes the App "invisible", meaning the icon is gone, but it's placeholder remains (there's a blank spot on the springboard)