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Thread: Springboard.strings!!!!

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    Default Springboard.strings!!!!
    hey can someone post up a file for the 2.0 firmware "springboard.strings" file?...

    in editing mine for the 3g iphone i somehow lost the date that shows up on the calendar icon on the springboard. unless theres a way to fix that ill just upload a origional one... somehow my backup got overwritten by ibrikr.....grrr

    thanks in advance...

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    there you go (had to rename it to .txt so I can upload it here) ... although I don't believe that the calendar application is related to the Springboard.strings.
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    ya.. thats possible...but thats the only thing i edited.. and before it weel see.. ill compare the 2 text files

    hey is there any way i can get that in an actualy readable format? i knew of a site once that would convert the strings to a plist...but that site isnt up anymore..
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    yeah, you have to convert it:
    but it seems to be down.
    if you have a mac somewhere you can use "plutil" from the command line to convert the file.

    quick question: how did you alter springboard.strings in the first place if you didn't convert it?

    but you can just copy in my springboard.strings and see if it works - you don't have to convert it in order for it to be working on the iphone. and if your calendar is working afterwards you know it was the files fault.

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    well...i downloaded a strings file from the download section...thinking the same springboard.strings is the similar to the 2.0 firmware strings... and it waz already i backed up the 2.0 strings file and replaced it with the other already converted one and it seemed to work fine. till my calendar day didnt show up on the icon on the springboard..and i waz like "wtf"...... so maybe they are different

    anywhoo its always nice to have a converter site on hand !!

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    btw if you load ericas utilities from cydia you can just convert files directly on your iphone using
    plutil -c xml1 file.plist

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    awesome... ill try that.. put ur strings file on..convert..and copy back off

    ok i used that command but changed it like so..

    plutil -c xml1 springboard.strings...cuz i want to convert the .strings to a xml.. it went thru and did it..but the strings file is still the same..and i didnt see an xml1 file anywhere...?
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    well, that should work - at least it does for me.

    plutil -c xml1 myfile.strings

    and then myfile.strings gets converted (plutil does NOT produce a new file but just converts the existing file. so if you use the command above the converted file is myfile.strings)

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    gotcha...ill see what i can do... meanwhile... if someone converts a 2.0 strings file post it up for me... thanks blackwolf

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    anyone have the 2.2 i messed mine up

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    Smile I uploaded mine to my site click link below
    just go here (this is an english version):


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