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Thread: A few questions on WinPWN and Custom Boot Logo Change

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    Exclamation A few questions on WinPWN and Custom Boot Logo Change

    I just wanted to start with saying that I've researched this for a few days now and found only partial info.

    Lets get started then.

    I recently iWinPWNed my 1.1.4 ZiPhone jailbroken 1st gen (obviously) Iphone.
    I followed the instructions from this ( - 1st Gen iPhone Firmware 2.0 Pwnage for Windows) guide and also used these files.
    Everything works nice but the custom firmware file that is included in the torrent doesn't change the boot logo at all and I'd change a few changes to it myself.

    So here I come to 2 options and problems connected with them

    Option 1:

    Just change the fricken logos.... yeah not as easy as it sounds. I'm supposed to launch WinPWN then load a Original Firmware file.... Here is the tricky part. I already have the custom 2.0 loaded, so common sence tells me load the original 2.0 fw. It only lets me load the original 1.1.4 stating "- Unkown file: " in the log when i try using official 2.0. When I do use 1.1.4 after it prepares all the files and puts the iphone to recovery mode WinPWN does not see the iphone anymore and im forced to restore since its stuck in the recovery mode after that.

    So if any1 know how to do this im all eyes ;P

    Option 2:

    Create my own custom firmware. Nice idea there. the only problem I have is that I can't find the official files I need to do so. The files I'd need would be: Official 2.0 Software Update (i have it but i think its the old leaked one) and the 3.9 and 4.6 bootloader files. If anyone has links for those I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Secret Option 3:

    If u know better than me and u got an alternative ... let me know!

    Thx in advance.


    two days after my post a new version of WinPWN was released and the problem is most likely fixed didn't try yet, but i'm convinced it is
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    I used this to change mine, works pefectly!

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