Now that I can jailbreak my old iPhone (EDGE) running 2.0, I have started to make it feel more like an iPod Touch and less like an iPhone. (This phone has been replaced by the iPhone 3G, also jailbroken!)

Some of the things I have done so far:
Hid and so that they do not appear on the home screen.
Changed strings in preferences to hide phone related settings.
Always in Airplane mode with WiFi enabled.
Deleted Airplane mode images.
Changed various other strings to give it a very custom feel.

I have one more thing that I would like to do, but I am not sure how.

I would like to stay in airplane mode, but have text in the top left that has my nickname in it. Like how the iPod Touch says iPod in the top left, with the WiFi image to it's right.

I have found one way to do this with Airplane mode off. I changed the "No Service" string to my nickname, but when I don't have airplane mode off I constantly get bugged about activation.

If I jailbreak with activation turned on, I cannot get rid of the 1 bar carrier bars in the top left.

Anybody have any suggestions?


(that was probably a really confusing post)