Iphone start up problem,
when i tried to restore my Iphone to 1.1.4 because of a freez problem, it goes for an endless loop, showing APPLE LOGO, the iphone is perfectly working when its connecting to the PC, when i remove the cable its starts the endless loop.
i tried all possible ways, DFU MODE, restore using itunes 7.5, Iliberty+ DFU mode then restore many many times, Jailbreak and Unlock using Iliberty+, tried also to use Ibrickr, All in Vain
Please any one can help ?
Notice my Power key is not responding for the sleep or power off, the only time when it works when i hold both power and home key.
i restored my iphone with and without SIM inside, nothing change
any idea or help will be greatly apprectiated
Thank you