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Thread: Touch Settings

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    Default Touch Settings
    I don't know if anyone else has enabled this settings menu, or if it's just an obvious thing that's not worth explaining.
    But it's the touch settings menu. You can change the touchscreen calibration by sliding the top slider, but the "Show Touch" option doesn't do anything.
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    where is this setting

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    You have to add:


    to general.plist.
    After you do that, it'll appear under the "General" settings menu.

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    hey J5892, would you mine uploading your general.plist or one converted to XML, since us PC users can't edit plist's any other way.

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    It's attached, in xml format.

    I am a pc user though.
    I use this site to convert plists to xml:
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    Sweet I never knew about that site...from what I could find and what other people were saying plist editing on PC's was impossible in their original form and I couldn't find anything to convert them to xml.

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    i cant seem to figure out what this actually does.. Also what is the default number for the top bar? Thanks!

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    hey how'd you find this? This is kinda cool. Anyhow, the slider at the top that has the 0-16 [i think thats the range] 0 being easiest touch control while 16 is frikkin impossible to move sliders, etc. The best touch control is in the low numbers. On the bottom, thats the "test area", you slide the sliders or click the on and off buttons. It shows you how 'well' you're able to do it. If you put the top slider at say 14, its hard to slide in the 'test area' or go from off to on, or vice. Hope that helps!

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    where is this plist located?
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    Here is the plist in XML format, tested.

    Goes in /Applications/
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    Default I use wordpad to edit the plist files
    am i missing something i just select wordpad as an editor in windows and make changes to the plist file. I s there a reason not to do it has always worked for me.

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    nice trick

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    I also edit my plists via Wordpad. Notepad doesn't seem to like anything besides .txt files. But I guess an XML converter works too.

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    The default value for the top slider is "3.5".
    As for what it does, it seems to be a calibration setting.
    The higher the setting, the higher the touch will register on the screen.
    For example:
    If you put it on 16, and try to slide the test sliders by touching them directly, it won't work, but if you touch about a centimeter below them, they will work.

    3.5 seems to be the middle. If you set it below 3.5, the touch will register slightly under your finger.

    The "show touch" setting, however, does nothing. I'm assuming that for it to do anything, there must be a .png file that the phone can use to show the touch area. I'll probably work on this later.

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    this is somewhat involved with this topic so i figured that i would see if anybody had any thoughts...

    would it be possible to add another menu for settings within such as the rSBT and Summerboard settings...

    this would clean up your screen and might be a very useful mod for some..

    is it possible or anybody know how you could do something like this?

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    That only works if the plist file is in XML format. Binary plists can't be editted directly on the PC.

    If you have Perl installed, you can use my Perl script to convert between binary and XML on Windows to edit any plist:

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    i really don't know anything about coding and such... i was just basically asking if this is possible and what it would take to do.

    have you heard of anybody working on anything like this?


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    pretty cool
    [CENTER] Honda-Tech FTW

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    Quote Originally Posted by NetMage View Post
    That only works if the plist file is in XML format. Binary plists can't be editted directly on the PC.

    If you have Perl installed, you can use my Perl script to convert between binary and XML on Windows to edit any plist:
    I downloaded/installed activeperl 5.8.8 and ran your script on XP. got the error: died on line 647. Does it matter which version of perl you use?

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