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Thread: How to disable volume buttons

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    Default How to disable volume buttons
    Hi people I知 from Argentina and I知 writing to ask if anyone knows how to disable volume buttons (hardware) in the IPhone. My cell fall down and sometimes the volume get down alone. I know that usually the hardware buttons are mapped in some file with its functionality. If anyone knows please help me with this.

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    Default Iphone dropped >>> volume button broken

    i am having same problem I dropped my Iphone, and the lower button of the volume control won't 'click' anymore. This has made the button really sensitive and the volume level easily decreases unintentionally.

    can anyone help !!! please

    just want to know if i can disable volume button.......

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    u could do a hardware mod and take then off

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    I would love a fix for this...

    (same story, dropped my phone, button broke)

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    damn im glad to know im not the only one with this problem. ******* apple those sons of *******!!!!

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    I need such a fix as well, my girlfriends iPhone also has very sensitive volume buttons after pressure, and turns down volume constantly making it practicly useless as an iPod.

    It must be possible to find out where the hardware buttons are mapped in the OS and disable them. Possible adding a simple swith in something like bossprefs. Unfortunally I've no idear where to start looking for such a thing.

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    There is another -software- solution for broken volume button. This solution disables the volume buttons (ONLY in 1.1.3 and 1.1.4! NOT 2.0+) and worked perfectly for me.

    The original post here: Hackint0sh - View Single Post - [Solution][1.1.3/4 Only] Broken/Stuck Volume Buttons > Disable them by software.

    Or the guide copied to my webpage: Bt Creations - iPhone (if the link above does not work)

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    Any new info on this? I would love for a fix to disable volume buttons for 3.0fw+ I have the same problem and it is a PITA.

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    Check out the video!!!!

    [ame=]YouTube - Disable the volume button on the iphone/ipod touch!!![/ame]

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    Quote Originally Posted by primachenko View Post
    OMG if this works. I have had my 1.1.4 for months now since this is the only version that can disable buttons (so far?).

    I will update and try right away, thanks!!

    Edit; Just tried it... 100% works!
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