Hi, I'm a new member of this wonderful iPhone forum.

I've been modifying the language strings on my iPhone, so the whole menu can be read in Korean.

I basically know how the iPhone is able to read foreign languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean using UTF-8 if I am not incorrect.

I have completed about 60% of the menus and UI set ups for Korean, but now I want to start something big: Korean input on any applications such as Mail, Safari, YouTube, SMS.

Some Korean communities already have developed a way to input korean on the Safari web browser using JavaScripts, loading the script as bookmarks and turning the english characters into what should be read as Korean.

I have been gawking through the ChinSMS application and I saw a big main file named "csms". I opened this file on TextEdit (yes, I'm a mac user ), and I saw that it some how reads something off the dylib contents.

I've been hoping if someone in this forum can help me out on developing a database where Korean can be typed in native applications like SMS.

What tools do I need?
What more is there to know?

Thank you.