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Thread: Can't get custom SMS tones working!

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    Default Can't get custom SMS tones working!
    Hey fellas.

    Have my unlocked and jailbroken iPhone here.

    I've got custom ringtones on it with the help of iRinger and iTunes but want custom SMS tones on here.

    I've tried uploading them with iBrickr. I bought this phone second hand and the user before has managed to upload a custom SMS tone for "Tri-Tone"

    I've uploaded a couple and they appear as "sms-received1.caf.caf" and "sms-received1.aaif.caf"

    I can't manage to get a pure .caf file.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Running 1.1.4 BTW.

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    great question, I would love to know to do the same thing.

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    got ur solution here:

    download winscp, ssh into iphone root/alpine

    go to:


    and change the file names as desired

    *also note u need to have open ssh installed on iphone to complete this operation, i can be found in installers!!

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    It won't connect to my network.

    I successfully converted an mp3 to .caf.

    I used iBrickr to get into the above directory and I uploaded the correctly named file.

    When I went into the SMS tone sounds on my iPhone it froze and I had to hold the on/off button in for a while before it soft restarted. The apple logo came up and stayed for a while then the screen flickered for about 3 secs.

    Then it suddenly asked me for my sim pin. I entered it and the phone appears to work but if I open an app like installer I the phone won't respond to my touches. For some reason when it soft restarted the ants from my ants app are walking around my phone. I went to disable it but again my iPhone doesn't respond once its running an app.

    I can only exit by hittin the home screen button!

    What do you think is wrong??

    Got it to turn off.

    Turned back on and the flashing bars started. But it started normally after that.

    Now I go into SMS sounds and its pretty laggy. I selected the one I transferred across and it seemed to work. As it played on preview.

    So I wanted to test it out and I sent a request for a footy score.

    I could tell a sms was coming in as my computer speakers made that funny sound. I watched my Iphone and expected to hear the tone but the phone just froze.

    I restarted it and its flashing with the bloody ants walking around again. The only thing I can put it down to is the .caf file being too big for it too handle? It was 32.75mb and I thought that was big but it still should work fine..

    I am just going to try and put the original back hope the software hasn't been damaged.
    Can someone upload the sms-received1.caf file please?

    Thanks so much!
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    email address?

    and messengers always on, hit me up

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    All u need to do is take your desired ringtone and either with itunes or quicktime convert it to an aif file once its an a if file change the extension from .aif to .caf ........ i would suggest using itunes becuz ive noticed on pc that quicktime sumtimes doesnt add the aif ext to the file......... i use a mac in it works everytime.....

    if you find that when you ssh the file into your phone and it gives u the .caf.caf ext either take that same file out of your phone and put it on your desktop and it should come out sms-received?.caf.caf or.aif.caf just rename it to the proper sms-received?.caf file and put it back in the phone and it should work..... you may sumtimes have to reboot the phone for it to read the file.........

    if you stil having trouble PM me or email me at [email protected]
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    Thanks for the reply guys!

    I managed to convert and install a smaller (10 sec) alert tone onto my iPhone and it works.

    However I only found out that you can't stop the alert until it finishes. So I just uploaded the standard tri-tone again and am using it.

    The black and white bars appear to have gone from startup but I bet they will re appear one da!y!

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