Yesterday my phone kept showing the swirly circle so i decided that i should upgrade to 1.1.3 again seems more responsive and i can run ipod and safari at the same time without the ipod quitting one application
so i restored the iphone installed the 1.1.3 fw jailbroke it with iliberty+ installer didnt show up on my phone so i used ziphone to jailbreak it and just jailbreak only and installer shows up so openssh and bsdsubsystem are installed automatically... cool
so installed terminal(it was terminal207 or something like that it says its for 1.1.3+) because i know i have to change some permissions and the owner for me to be able to save my games using the emulators so i put my backup files that i backed up using iphonebrowser which were games and the saves into the proper folder so i installed the snes genesis gbc and gba emulators and just to make sure i played the games moved my character saved it and it showed it didnt save so i googled solutions for it and it showed me some commands to input in terminal one was to change the permissions the other was to change the owner and also to create a symlink so i did all three and it keeps telling me operation not permitted for teh first two and command not found for the symlink so i figured there had to be something to it so installed suid lib fix and did it again and still to no avail the operation not permitted kept showing i dont have a wireless router i could go to my friends house if thats my last option but im just wondering whats the problem sorry for the lack of punctuation and grammar but im in a rush to leave