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Thread: Auto Reflective Dock on iPhone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadyBeagle View Post
    Why does it say TIGO in the carrier logo place. Whenever i change it, it stayes the same WTF.
    Or you could install MIM (Make it Mine) and press revert. It's under Utilities.
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    Thanks Reako
    MyPhone is better than yours

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    Default my plist file is very strange here it is

    Nz|}~NYsms-sound^calendar-alarm_SBWiFiDontAskShownXringtone_#SBShowSMSPre viewWithPasscodeEnabled_PasswordProtected_SBBa cklightLevel]SBAutoDimTime_SBSuspensionSettings_SBDeviceLoc kBlockedVSystem\ring-vibrate[lock-unlock^SBDoubleTapURL^SBAutoLockTime[SBEnableALS_SBLastSystemVersion_SBDeviceLockGr acePeriod_SBLanguageRestart^silent-vibrate_&/Applications/ 

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    Did you convert the plist to text before opening it?


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    ya doesnt seem to help all my other plst files are normal except that one

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    too bad it doesnt work on 1.1.3

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    I'm sure a fix will seen be discovered...Just be patient.


    I'm sure a fix will seen be discovered...Just be patient.


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    I'm sure a fix will seen be discovered...Just be patient.


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    I really hope it'll be figured out...I can't stand the usual iPhone dock anymore because I got used to the autoreflective dock :P...

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    you can swap the apple dock to your custom one, the stock one is at:


    download it, back it up (you never know) then replace it with the new one, same name, 0755 permissions

    reflective, hmm, i am checking that..

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    Hm, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in that particular dock. Too bad, I really liked it...maybe it really isn't included in 1.1.3 anymore.

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    The new touches are being shipped with the iPhone Dock now as well. I believe the Reflective Dock is being considered obsolete. There has to be a way to add it though.


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    What made the auto reflect work on v1.1.2? Was there an added file that 1.1.3 doesn't have?

    I understand typing in the .plist, but SBUseNewDock with an integer of 1 is relating to another file isn't it?

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    That's kinda weird. The autoreflective dock looks a lot more like a typical Apple design and fits to the Leopard dock. I really didn't expect the metal dock to remain. However, there are other things to care about

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    Just a heads up but this does not work on 1.1.3


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    Thanks a lot.... It's working well on my 1.1.2 too.

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    if you want it on a 1.1.4 iphone, the new carterpillar release is doing it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atomic76 View Post
    if you want it on a 1.1.4 iphone, the new carterpillar release is doing it
    Screw having to pay for it.

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    If Caterpillar proves it to be possible on 1.1.4, then I'm almost positive a member will fill in the gaps and release it for free.


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    hi. has anyone been able to figure out getting the reflective dock on 1.1.3 and above? i think ppl r loosing interest in this. actually this is one of the main reasons that has refrained me from upgrading my 1.1.2 iphone. i m so used to (and like it so much) to the reflective dock that i cant settle for the default dock. the only other way left is to manually make the reflective dock image in photoshop and then ssh that into summerboard. a tedious and time-consuming process .

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