Not sure this is the right forum for this question...

Does anyone know the code behind the "Reset Home Screen Layout" button under Settings>General>Reset?

The reason I ask is that I use different themes (some that changes the layouts of the home screen icons). I'm currently using firmware 1.1.4 and the only workaround that I found was this:

Load the theme (currenting using iSwitcherAE) then I need to "Reset Home Screen Layout". Once I click this button the icons on the home screen are arranged the way the theme attended them to be...

So I thought that if I could get the code I would add it to the theme and have this step done transparently through the theme app.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

PS: Does anyone know what file gets updated when you change the order of the icons on the Home Screen manually...I don't believe it the M68AP.plist?