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Thread: main screen background image change.

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    Default main screen background image change.
    I have an unlocked iPhone that i use on T-mobile. I have issues with the SummerBoard app. I used all firmwares with no problems, up to the point when i install SummerBoard. For a day or two the phone works fine, but then it starts to soft reset every time i try to use any app's. i have to lunch the app 4-5 times before i can actually use it. I un-installed SummerBoard and everything goes back to normal.

    My question is: On the main screen, i want to change the black background to a different picture (without using the wallpaper). is that possible? what file do i need to mod?

    with SummerBoard i can have one background on the main screen(where u have the icons) and a different one when the phone is locked and you try to unlock it (when u swipe to unlock).

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    i did some research on this site and Google but i wasn't able to find anything.

    if i posted on the wrong forum, feel free to move it to the appropriate one.

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    Regarding the SummerBoard issue, if you set the "Dim Wallpaper" to "OFF" everything will go great.... but if you se the "Dim Wallpaper" to "ON" you will start to face the same again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khaledelfeki View Post
    Regarding the SummerBoard issue, if you set the "Dim Wallpaper" to "OFF" everything will go great.... but if you se the "Dim Wallpaper" to "ON" you will start to face the same again.
    Even that doesnt always work. I would get 4-5 crashes a day with summerboard prior to restoring. I've been summerboard-less for 2-3 weeks now, and not one crash. Summerboard is way too buggy, imo.

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    i trying to do the same thing. With sumerboard i could place the same pic in both screens. But i wanna be able to put a diferent picture as a wallpaper on the unlock screen and a different one on the springboard background. I've also researched on the web and nothing! There's a way here on this page... but they warn u in advance of issues with alignment of icons and that sort! hackers.... new challenge for you guys!

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    i hope we can do this without the summerboard. even iswitcher cannot do these. it will change only the icons
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    Summerboard was locking my phone up like crazy.

    To make you own theme you have to make a background save it as icon.png copy it to the folder then make be visable on the springboard by editing the ma68.plist file in system/library/coreservices/ But the problem with that is you need to cut out spots in your background to get the icons to display or your background will hide all your icons. I simply made my sms icon my background wall paper. This way all the other icons will show on top of the wallpaper notice my background file in the attached file
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