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Thread: SMS Message Preview while phone in use

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    Default SMS Message Preview while phone in use
    Does anyone know how to disable or turn off the SMS text preview while the phone is in use? I already now if you but a lockcode on, it will bring up SMS preview on/off option...but this only disable message preview while phone is locked. I get the name and "Text Message" as notification. However, when i am using my phone the text message preview still shows the message...I HATE THIS!! I have not been able to find thread yet for anyone knowing how to change this to "Text Message" as well...surely there has to be a way or file in the system you can mod.....thanks

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    Well there is the Kate (caterpillar) app that hides this, as well as others like PYSL, iBlacklist and a few others that hides ur text, this is the only way "I" know of, have u looked into those? The Kate is really good ( I use it ) but u do have to pay for it. Oh I also use the blacklist one too to block "certain" #'s from texting
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    Okay, thanks for the response....I think I will try the Kate program and go from there!

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    did Kate work for you? I am scared to install Kate again as the last time, it froze my phone and i had to do a full restore.

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    I ended up uninstalling worked only partly. If I got one text it would block pop up... but if I got two or more it would start showing the names.....I got rid of it and started using PYSL....much better program...eliminates the tex message pop up all together! Love it!

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    where in PYSL do you set that setting? It was quite messy for me and I couldn't find how to block them? Thanks

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    You should just be able to open PYSL and go to settings...there should be a toggle switch that says SMS popup. My settings are set for Vibration On, Status Bar On, SMS popup On. I'll still get noise and vibration notification without the pop up.

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    Yes, i found it in the end but thanks anyway. One question, what does the status bar setting to on do. I have never seen anything on the status bar when a message comes in with PSYL enabled.

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    It will delete the status bar when you open applications. It was set to on when i first installed it. When I would go to SMS or any other application the status bar would disappear at the top....took me a minute to figure out why! Ha! I like my status bar so I went it and changed it.

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