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Thread: Guys, mi iphone is messed up, I need serious help please

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    Unhappy Guys, mi iphone is messed up, I need serious help please
    Well, yesterday I messed up my iphone very bad.
    I read a tutorial on how to change the carrier logo, Im running an 1.1.1 unlocked (anysim) iphone. So the tutorial said I had to replace my springboard file with a patched springboard file, so I did it, but when I rebooted my iPhone, it freeze up in the apple logo screen and stayed there, the springboard didn't start. So I found on the net the original springboard file (I didn't backed up the one from my iPhone), so I put it on the iphone and it turns out that the springboard file I downloaded is the one from ipod touch, so all my icons are like ipod touch, so the SMS and the Phone apps don't appear on the springboard, and I can't install apptap from because I had it before, but it disappeared like the sms and phone apps, so I dont know what to do, can you guys suggest me something, or upload the original springboard file for 1.1.1?? I will appreciate it a lot, thanks!!

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    I don't think this is the right place for this topic, but whatever
    Do you have an iTouch or another iPhone nearby? If so you can steal its and overwrite yours. I've done this before...
    I'd give you my but I've hacked its M68AP.plist and stuff and patched the binary and all that, so if you're looking for a fresh one you'll have to find someone else.

    EDIT: Oops, nevermind, I see you've already taken an iTouch SpringBoard.
    Download the file below (M68AP.plist) and copy it to "/System/Library/CoreServices/" with SSH and overwrite the old one. It's a patched one from iDemocracy which should bring back your iPhone icons as well as
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    Drakenza: U have safe my life with ur skills and help with to put that file here THX THX THX THX THX...............IT WORKS GOOOOOOOOOD!
    U r my hero now!

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