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    cash you said in a post that you were gonna upload a tut for edge support on your laptop eventhough someone beat you too it.......... i'm begging you to do just that......... you said u had a different way from what they're doing over at or whatever their site is...

    i'm dying here, i installed ssh on my iphone (don't know how to actually use it)

    i installed SOCKS.... cant get it to work with my laptops, one mac, one pc

    so far, i have installed ssh via my pc, socks via os x and also via my pc, all seperated by restores.... i was trying to figure out if one would work..... i'm confident that the SOCKS support was installed correctly in my iPhone, but i dont know how to implement it, ideally.... i would like to have my macbook hooked up through my iPhone's edge.... please assist me......

    i'm dying here, i havent slept in over 36 hours, all i've been doing is working on this and going to work

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    lol sry, life hit me sorta hard this week, I have a couple half finished things, I'll try to get them finished up tomorrow,

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    Oh, goodie! Looking forward to a more, simplified tut for the Mac. I tried following instructions from different guides to no avail. The "300 mb" syndrome has made its appearance in iTunes frequently as a result. Thanks in advance.

    So, okay, the "300 mb" had to do with putting back the Services.plist but still no go on tethering for Mac
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